Jeyappragash JJ

    Jeyappragash JJ / Product and Technology for Twitter

    Jeyappragash leads technology and product for Twitter’s Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform. This hybrid cloud platform helps developers manage and launch their services providing detailed visibility about resource usage and for infrastructure owners, to offer their infrastructure or platform as a true multi-tenant offering. Previously he worked as a Distinguished Engineer at Motorola, leading efforts to build their Notification Infrastructure, their Software Upgrade services and a Prospective Search based Content Delivery Service. Jeyappragash graduated from IIT Madras with a Masters in EE.

    Talk: Multi tenant infrastructure for fine-grained services at Twitter scale. Things that matter, from Sec

    Twitter is powered by a collection of diverse, multi-tenant infrastructure and platform services. We run Mesos/Aurora for general compute, Manhattan for storage, Hadoop for batch compute, Heron for stream compute and many more. These are run in a polyglot environment (internal DCs and public clouds).

    As a company scales from few developers to tens of teams, it is crucial to manage the lifecycle of a service and the multi-tenant infrastructures themselves. Things we will learn about are

    For application developers:

    • Managing service identities and credentials
    • Managing lifecycle of services, from launch to deprecation
    • Visibility into resource consumption by deployed services

    For managers:

    • Organizational accountability and visibility
    • Managing cost and resource efficiency
    • Authorizing and approving resource usages

    For operators:

    • Defining and and metering resource usage
    • Monitoring, optimizing and allocating resources and managing capacity
    • Enforcing access restrictions

    For platform owners

    • Managing the consumers to see who is using what part of infrastructure resources
    • Planning capacity expansion

    For financial planners:

    • TCO and unit price management
    • Quarterly budget and financial management

    Thursday 10th August 2017